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  • Badr Alinazi
    Facelifting done the right way
    I upgraded my Mercedes AMG S63 to the new facelift, these guys did the job without modifying or altering any wires, they can program the internal stuff of the car and they have total control over it, others add wires and transformers to upgrade the lights but these guys upgrade it the factory way, even the dealer is unable to achieve what they can do, the end result is a 100% original car without any modifications, and this makes German Center special compared to how others do these facelifts.
    Badr Alinazi
    Saudi International Petrochemical
  • Abdullah Alsalem
    Professional services
    The staff at German Center are professionals, they are advanced in technology and know how to deal with modern cars, I trust them with my car and I highly recommend them.
    Abdullah Alsalem
  • Waleed Alshammari
    Special equipment others don't have
    I had a strange smell in my BMW 735 AC, the dealer couldn't determine the cause and they told me they need to open the entire dashboard to reach the cause of the problem, which would cost a lot, and their final advice was to use some air fresheners! I tried many workshops and non of them was able to solve this problem, I heard about German Center from a friend of mine and I went to them, they have special equipment to flush the AC air ducts without dismantling the dashboard, they cleaned my AC and the smell was gone.
    Waleed Alshammari
  • Khaled Alotaibi
    I wish I found them earlier
    I had a big problem in my BMW 740 and I tried several workshops without success, the dealer told me that they need to replace my gear which was really expensive, I heard about German Center and I tried them, I wasn't expecting much based on my previous experience but to my surprise they managed to fix the issue without replacing my gear entirely, they only replaced part of it and saved me a lot of money.
    Khaled Alotaibi
    The National Commercial Bank
  • Steve Jones
    Fast service and good hospitality
    German Center changed my brakes while I was having a nice Arabian coffee at their reception, and one of the guys educated me on how Arabian coffee is made, thanks.
    Steve Jones
    Arabian Drilling Company
  • Imad Alnaser
    Better than the dealer, and at half the price
    I had a problem with my Mercedes S Class suspension and German Center replaced the defected parts with genuine parts at half the dealer cost.
    Imad Alnaser
  • Mahmoud Jalal
    Really good
    I tried many workshops before, but German Center is really outstanding.
    Mahmoud Jalal
    Saudi Pharma
  • Fahad Alali
    They keep you informed
    German Center keep you informed of the progress at all times.
    Fahad Alali
    Arabian Bemco Contracting
  • George Suliman
    Many said it can't be done, but they did it
    They overhauled my BMW M5 and it was resurrected from dead.
    George Suliman
    Saudi Industrial Export
  • Saeed Alghamdi
    Professional diagnostic
    I heard about German Center diagnostic services from a friend, I was planning to buy a used car and I took it to them to inspect it before I buy it, the diagnostic took several hours and I was expecting few minutes and that tells you that what they did is real, they inspect each and every part of the system, after the diagnostic they gave me a detailed report and I discovered that the car has serious issues that could cost me a lot to fix, they really saved my money and time.
    Saeed Alghamdi
  • Muhammad Algahtani
    Saved me a gear change
    My Audi A8 had a strange problem, sometimes the gear stops suddenly without any reason, and it works back after few seconds, the dealer told me they have to replace the gear, and German Center fixed the issue without replacing the entire gear, they changed part of it and reprogram it.
    Muhammad Algahtani
    Saudi Cable
  • Salem Aldosari
    Precise appointments and fast services
    I call them before I bring the car, I bring it early in the morning and before noon it is usually ready.
    Salem Aldosari
  • Robert Minsk
    Not your typical technicians
    These guys are knowledgeable, they know the ins and outs of these cars, I was able to update my BMW software and thanks to them new options were enabled.
    Robert Minsk
    The National Shipping Company
  • Esam Almutairi
    One of the best workshops
    German Center is one of the best workshops you could deal with.
    Esam Almutairi
    Saudi Cement
  • Nader Wehbe
    Not too many workshops for Porsche out there
    I was forced to take my car to the dealer for regular maintenance and pay double prices, I found German Center and I am satisfied with them, they do a better job compared to the dealer and at a lower price.
    Nader Wehbe
    The Saudi Research and Marketing Group